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Late Work Policy & Re-Assessment Policy

Late Work Policy

Due dates and meeting due dates are an important part of student learning. Every teacher provides students with due dates well in advance of work to be submitted. There are situations beyond a student’s control that prevent them from meeting the deadlines provided. With this in mind each student will be provided with two late work passes per class each semester. Students will be able to submit work up to one week after the due date, with that late pass, with no negative impact on the grade earned.

Re-Assessment Policy

TJHS Students will have multiple opportunities to achieve mastery of a Priority Standard. This includes re-taking portions of tests(Policy 2420P), recognizing that students learn at different rates and times.

Reassessments fall into two categories: Multiple Opportunities or Retakes.

Multiple Opportunities: Teachers will communicate when a particular standard will be assessed again as part of the curriculum. These "multiple opportunities" as defined by the teacher are offered to all students as part of the designed curriculum and students need to show no extra readiness to participate.

Retakes: Because all coursework and homework is purposeful and ties to upcoming assessments, coursework and homework is required as evidence of readiness in order to retake a particular assessment or in order to be reassessed on a standard before it is reassessed as part of the curriculum. Students will be able to retake assessments up to one week after the test or assignment has been graded and returned to the student. Students will need to complete a readiness plan and present it to the teacher before each retake. Further preparation for reassessment may be required by the teacher as they see appropriate for adequate preparation for success on the reassessment.

Retakes will be worth the same score as the original assessment or assignment. 

Any assignment given for practice or completion will not be used to determine a student’s grade, but can be entered into the grade book for communication